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Power BI Financial Dashboard

The Financial Dashboards keep you up to date with the latest quarterly analysis of the Tier One and Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other related equipment and technology firms.

The Financial Dashboards main aim is to provide our subscribers with a comprehensive picture of the industrial gas market and its players from a financial perspective. With charts and accompanying analysis relating to revenues, trends, drivers, volume growth, sales growth, regional comparisons, sector analysis.

Gas Majors Review Dashboard

Our Gas Majors Dashboard looks at all the Tier One companies – Air Products, Air Liquide, Linde and Taiyo Nippon Sanso together. Comparing them along side each other, which builds a picture of the overall market.

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Supplementary Dashboard

Finiancial anaylsis of Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other related equipment and technology firms.

Macro-economic Context Dashboard

Our Macro-economic Context Dashboard gives subscribers a short and sweet look at the Macro-economic Context of a Global Economic outlook. This dashboard includes charts that look at the industrial growth by region of the world, industrial production trends, inflation, energy prices, and currency movements.

Tier 1 Company Dashboards

Our Tier 1 Company Dashboards are four unique dashboards focusing on the financial information released by each of the Tier 1 players. These dashboards take a deeper dive into the company of focus’ latest quarterly financial information and provide an overview of its performance; across different regions and sectors. 

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PowerBI Financial Dashboards

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 All of the charts are interactive and the data behind them exportable, for customers who may wish to compile the data in their own way to make different charts and present to their colleagues. PLUS, all data featured within each dashboard’s charts is available to download.

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