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Bespoke Gas Market Reports & Analysis

With the wealth of knowledge and abundance of gas market data from the Business Intelligence team, they are able to produce analytics for specific intelligence requirements.

North America Gas Market Analysis

North America Gas M
arket Analysis is a part of Global analysis restricted by USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Caribbean. As of the US we provide data for the country in total and for each of eight US regions. Please download a template to see details. 

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Global Gas Market Analysis

This analysis gives you absolutely everything you need to know about global industrial gas market. We cover the North and South Americas, all of Europe, the North and South Pacific, East Asia, the Middle East and Africa, covering a total of 96 countries and regions. For each country we provide a market split by supply mode (tonnage, merchant liquid and packaged), gas market we split by the industry main players (in total and withing each supply mode). We estimate gas sales for each gas and each industry – end user. Furthermore, this analysis provides gas market estimation for the last years and gives five years forecast in three scenarios.  

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Country Demand for Merchant Gases Analysis

This analysis is dedicated to the demand for merchant gases within the country in a split by consuming industries. We estimate the demand for liquid and packaged gases in volume (tpd) and value ($m), providing data from 2000 to 2021 and giving a forecast for the next five years. 

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Merchant Hydrogen in North America Analysis

This report segments the merchant hydrogen market by end-user (traditional industries and new applications) and geography (USA and Canada). Separately and in detail, we analyse the growth in demand for hydrogen in new industries such as hydrogen mobility, stationary power, and material handling. We give demand estimation by types of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks), as well as demand estimation for gaseous and liquid hydrogen. We evaluate the number of liquid and gaseous hydrogen refuelling stations needed for mobility, give an estimate of hydrogen demand for hydrogen fuel cells required for material handling and calculate the number of hydrogen cells required for forklifts. Finally, we are giving an estimation of a hydrogen demand on the stationary power with a split by industries and by US geographies.

We give a list and a map of liquid hydrogen facilities operational and planned to be online writhing the next five years.
Our estimations cover historical hydrogen market development since 2010 and finally we provide three scenarios forecast till 2030.

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