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Intelligence Dashboards

Our Dashboard Suite offers annual licenses to access a comprehensive range of analytical tools.

With these licenses, users gain continuous access to the suite of dashboards, enabling them to harness the power of data-driven insights throughout the year.

Whether it’s monitoring global hydrogen market trends, analysing industrial gas markets in specific countries, staying updated on financial performance, or tracking medical oxygen supply chains, the annual licenses provide uninterrupted access to valuable intelligence. This model ensures that users can leverage the suite’s capabilities for informed decision-making and strategic planning over the long term.

H2 Intelligence

Unlock the Power of Hydrogen
Our new cutting-edge platform serves as a centralised hub, offering comprehensive information on global hydrogen markets, and facilitating informed decision-making for industry stakeholders across the globe.

With worldwide coverage, it provides dynamic analytics, assessing demand in conventional sectors and emerging applications like transportation, material handling, and port operations, fostering market understanding and growth.


Country Dashboards

Our range of Country Dashboards provides instant and unlimited access to key strategic information about the industrial gas markets in more than 120 countries.

The dashboards summarise each country’s gas market, including charts and analysis relating to the market share split by gas company; supply mode; gas type and end users of gas together with interactive facility maps.  In addition a forecast for the next five years is provided.  All this is available either on a global or regional level.

All data featured within each dashboard’s charts is available to download.


Financial Dashboards

The Financial Dashboards keep you up to date with the latest quarterly analysis of the Tier One and Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other related equipment and technology firms.

Interested in a comprehensive picture of the industrial gas market and its players from a financial perspective? Power BI-based Financial Dashboards provide you with the intel you need to stay ahead and in the know, with a rolling quarterly basis as the gas companies release their financial statements and reports. Learn more about this platform below.

Medical Oxygen Dashboard

Provides a global picture of the medical oxygen supply and demand environment, filterable by region and country for targeted insights.

Interactive charts unveil critical information, including whether a market faces oversupply or undersupply and the breakdown between liquid and gaseous oxygen demand. Additionally, historical and forecast charts provide visualisations for demand distribution across hospitals, homecare settings, and the impact of COVID on overall demand. A revenue-based bar chart illustrates the medical oxygen market size in each country, and a heat map further clarifies the geographic distribution of liquid oxygen production within countries. This comprehensive dashboard provides the critical intelligence you need to navigate the medical oxygen landscape and ensure a seamless supply chain.

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