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Welcome to the world of industrial gases with gasworld’s Business Intelligence.

Using combined knowledge and material spanning over 20 years, a unique worldwide capacity database has been collated consisting of ASU’s, hydrogen, CO2 and other gas production facilities as well as gas filling plants. The database is constantly updated using all available information sources, through a combination of desk research and on-the-ground interviews in the various geographic regions. We turn data into meaningful insights to help industry players around the world identify opportunities, mitigate risk, and validate their business strategy.


Country Dashboards

Our range of Country Dashboards provides instant and unlimited access to key strategic information about the industrial gas markets in more than 80 countries.

The dashboards summarise each country’s gas market, including charts and analysis relating to the market share split by gas company; supply mode; gas type and end users of gas together with interactive facility maps.  In addition a forecast for the next five years is provided.  All this is available either on a global or regional level.

All data featured within each dashboard’s charts is available to download.


Financial Dashboards

The Financial Dashboards keep you up to date with the latest quarterly analysis of the Tier One and Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other related equipment and technology firms.

Interested in a comprehensive picture of the industrial gas market and its players from a financial perspective? Power BI-based Financial Dashboards provide you with the intel you need to stay ahead and in the know, with a rolling quarterly basis as the gas companies release their financial statements and reports. Learn more about this platform below.

Medical Oxygen Dashboards

Our dashboard provides an estimate on, hospitals, home consumption and additional requirements since the pandemic started in 2020.

During the pandemic times, many countries faced severe shortages of medical oxygen needed to treat Covid patients. However, as gas analysts, we were surprised that this state of affairs occurred even in countries where the total production of oxygen far exceeds the needs of the medical industry and with demand for oxygen dropped in large industries, oxygen just needed to be diverted to hospitals, what finally happened. To show that the oxygen shortage is a logistics issue, not an issue of production, we have developed our dashboard, among other things, to show how well, in our opinion, the medical sector in some specific country or region is supplied with oxygen.

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