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Industrial GasReports

Dive into a country’s industrial gas landscape through investing in one of our market leading gasreports.


Country Reports

Our Country Reports contain historical information that dates back over twenty years.

The report’s detail sought after information about the structure of supply; gas company activity; volume of demand for the various gases, and many more points of gas market analysis. Our invaluable five-year forecast (split by end-use sectors) helps you see how the gas market is expected to grow or decline in the coming years, helping you make informed decisions.

Global Overview

The Global Overview report gives an executive summary of the global industrial gas market and provides analysis of the nine regions, including Eastern and Western Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, North and South Pacific Rims.

It is an analysis of the industrial gas market landscape that has emerged in the global market since the Linde-Praxair merger with region-by-region overview. The report offers three forecast scenarios describing an industrial market development over the next five years.

Besides macroeconomic, our forecasts consider the impact of the COVID pandemic, drop of the utility’s prices in 2020 and gas intensity factor.



North America Hydrogen Report 2022

The North America Hydrogen Report is a deep-dive into the hydrogen markets that exist across North America, first looking at the region as a whole and then analysing the markets on a country and US regional level.

  • There is an abundance of information (charts, tables, analysis) about the various ‘developing markets’ for merchant hydrogen that explains all about the end-use segments themselves (what they are) and how the hydrogen use case is there for them
  • Facility maps for the locations of existing facilities, hydrogen hubs, and upcoming facilities give you a clear understanding of where everything is
  • Three-scenario (low, mid and high) far-reaching forecasts help you understand how we believe the market for hydrogen is set to change in the years ahead of us, with the new technologies that are taking off and becoming more significant as the world seeks to transition away from fossil fuel reliability
  • The New Hydrogen Project tables show what major additions to capacity there is to come across North America
  • Data dashboards for each US region provide an ‘at-a-glance’ picture of how its particular hydrogen market is split up by segment

Bespoke Gas Market Reports & Analysis

With the wealth of knowledge and abundance of gas market data the Business Intelligence team possesses, they are able to produce analytics for specific intelligence requirements.

If you’re only interested in the CO2 business in Canada, Nitrogen in New Zealand or Argon in Argentina then the team can deliver.

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Sample Report

Take a look at the structure and content of one of our Country Reports by downloading the sample report to the right. For further enquiries about Country Report contents please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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