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The Industrial Gas Year: 2022



Our comprehensive report delves into the global industrial gases market for the year 2022, providing an extensive analysis that covers a wide spectrum of essential factors. We explore market dynamics, revenue trends, regional YoY growth, gas company activities, market segmentation by supply mode, gas type, and end-user demographics. Moreover, we offer a compelling three-scenario forecast extending five years into the future, up to 2027. Each section is equipped with an informative “data dashboard” featuring four insightful pie charts showcasing the market distribution across gas companies, supply modes, gas types, and end-users.

Key Highlights:

  • Global Reach: Our in-depth analysis encompasses the entire industrial gases market across the globe. We begin by offering a comprehensive global overview and then narrow our focus to nine distinct macro-regions, including West Europe, East Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, North Pacific Rim, and South Pacific Rim
  • Gas Company Insights: Gain a competitive edge by understanding the intricacies of major gas companies’ operations. We assess their market presence, acquisitions, divestments, subsidiaries, and new production facilities, allowing you to gauge their market standing and competitive positioning within their respective regions
  • Visual Data Dashboards: For each region, our data dashboards provide an at-a-glance representation of the market’s composition. Explore the distribution of industrial gases by gas company, supply mode, gas type, and end-user demographics in an easily digestible format
  • Forward Projections: Our report offers a forward-looking perspective with a three-scenario forecast, including low, mid, and high growth scenarios. This five-year forecast will help you anticipate how the market is expected to evolve in the coming years
  • New Project Activity: Stay informed about major capacity expansions around the world with our New Project Activity tables. These tables provide insights into upcoming developments in the industrial gases industry

Why Choose Our Report?

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Get a holistic view of the global industrial gases market in 2022 and its future trajectories
  • Competitive Advantage: Equip yourself with invaluable insights to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence
  • Informed Decision-Making: Our in-depth analysis empowers you to make well-informed and effective decisions

Unlock the full potential of the industrial gases market with our 2022 report, offering unparalleled insights and strategic foresight

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