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gasreport: Western Europe – Belgium



Published: 2024
Report Data: 2023


Each Country Report is structured as follows:
  1. Executive Summary
    • Provides a concise overview of the key findings in the gas market report. It incorporates analysis and charts to explore the country’s macroeconomic context and gas market drivers, before delving into a segmented view of the market categorized across various dimensions (by gas company, supply mode, gas type, and end-use sector).
  1. Supply
    • Market Evolution – description of supply methods in the country and general overview of the gas companies’ activity in the region.
    • Gas Production Facilities Maps – maps of ASUs, oxygen and nitrogen generators, CO2 production plants and hydrogen production facilities. All maps are colour-coded by company
    • Gas Company Profiles – detailed individual profiles of the main market players, describing their history within the country and current operations there
    • Supply Mode Analysis – historical development of the supply structure in the country and merchant, captive and OSP volume analysis for N2 & O2
  1. Demand
    • Volume of Demand – demand analysis in the context of gas volumes and industries (how much of each gas is used by each end-use sector)
      • Demand Distribution by End User (table)
      • Demand Distribution by Supply Mode (table)
    • Merchant Liquid Utilisation – historical analysis of the domestic merchant demand vs liquid production capacity.
    • End User Analysis & Market Forecast – historical development of gas sales by industries 2000-2023, then a 5-year, two scenario forecast for the gas market, broken down by industry. Analysis of growth rates for each.
  1. Appendices
    • Glossary – definitions of terms used throughout the report
    • Production Base Tables – definitive list of the main identified production facilities in the country; giving owner, location, start year, production capacity.

We also provide a dataset with every Country Report purchase – an Excel file with all figures that are used in the charts throughout the report.

Historical data throughout the report runs back to the year 2000, and our forecasts look five years ahead from the base year of the report.


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